Team Massive

Experts in Scale Up Coaching.

Headed by Ian Kinnery, an experienced and respected Business Coach, entrepreneur and European coach of the Year, we support business owners and senior managers to scale up their businesses in a manageable, and ultimately, successful way.

We work to five core philosophies:

  1. Nothing is more important that our client and their Business.
  2. Our business is to know and understand our client intimately.
  3. We commit to growing ourselves, the client and their business.
  4. A measure of our success is the fun we will have.
  5. We are all ONE Team including the client and their staff.

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Scale-up Coaching

Ian is 1 of just 4 Gazelles International coaches here in the UK. Gazelles International coaches focus primarily on the development of mid-market Companies using the Four Decisions™ as the framework for growth. Gazelles International Coaches are many of the most experienced, most effective coaches in the world. These independent executive coaches support companies and business units across the globe as they “Scale Up”.

Ian has a simple, structured approach to business and has developed skills and techniques to help the business owner realise the dreams that he or she had when they first went into business.


Watch our client videos below:

Steve Smith – Growing the Business Leader

Jessica Williams – Clarity is Power

Phil Tye – Growing the Team


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